DGOne was founded by a diverse and experienced group of technical, business, and financial experts united in the vision of generating an extraordinary business.

DGOne’s founders, collectively, provide the seasoned insight and experience in project management, technology development management, administrative management, and financial management necessary to guide DGOne through a prudently designed business plan.

Recognizing the benefits of professional support, DGOne’s founders have brought together an experienced group of firms and individuals to assist them in making DGOne an extraordinary business success.

Hal Curlett



Phone: 469-941-0631

Mr. Curlett has more than 50 years of operational experience in the international oil and gas industry, including offshore and remote land drilling, drilling equipment ownership, design of advanced drilling and completion methods, and equipment. He is a problem-solver in the areas of technology associated with advanced drilling and completion methods and has focused specifically on those specialized technologies that have high economic impact.

Mr. Curlett has authored or coauthored more than 30 patents for technology surrounding advanced oil and gas drilling, production enhancement, and geothermal industry. He also has managed several startup companies.

Mr. Curlett is the inventor and owner of the ESP EStim Technology.

Maurice Marwood BSc, MSc, MBA



Phone: 469-941-0631

Mr. Marwood has more than 30 years of senior-level international business experience with Caterpillar Inc., and other world-class organizations. He has successfully led several turnarounds as well as restructuring assignments for a variety of businesses in the high-value capital equipment industry. Certified as a Six-Sigma Deployment Champion, Mr. Marwood has used the methodology to improve sales and profit growth.

Mr. Marwood specializes in strategic consulting, executive coaching, international marketing, business planning, restructuring, and turnarounds.

Mr. Marwood is currently the CEO of Restimco Limited. Restimco is a Canadian Licensee of the ESP EStim Technology.

Dr. James Denito



Phone: 469-941-0631

Dr. James Denito’s multifaceted career spans 37 years. He is currently an Investment Officer and a shareholder of ReStimCo Limited. In addition, Dr. Denito is the clinic/research director of the multi-discipline Galaxy Health Institute and sits on three boards of directors. He has been an advisor to eight large companies in the food and nutrition industries, has contributed research to the ANTe Institute, and served five years as the CSO of SlimGeneration.

Dr. Denito has authored 70 papers, articles, and newsletters discussing a variety of health topics and scientific breakthroughs. He has shared his expertise via a live AM talk radio in New England and as a host of his own health-focused radio show during the 1990s. Dr. Denito is an accomplished science fiction author, inventor, and lecturer on science and health.

His education and experience continues to be enriched through mentoring from numerous individuals with expertise in the field of oil and gas during his 38 years of residing in Texas.